Villages οf Rhodes


Monolithos is a village on the island of Rhodes, belonging to the municipal unit of Attavyros. It is located 10 km south-east of Apolakkia and 30 km from Prasonisi. Outside the village is the medieval Castle, built on top of a 100m rock.

This castle was built in 1480 by the Knights of Saint John to protect the island from attacks. In fact, this castle was never conquered. The Castle of Monolithos is widely ruined today but it offers great views of the sea and the two islets opposite to it. Inside the Castle, there is a small chapel dedicated to Agios Panteleimon (Saint Pantaleon). Access to the castle is by a staircase cut into the rock.


The tiny village of Kritinia is easily one of the most beautifully situated in Rhodes. Its hilltop position provides stunning views of the sea, countryside, and Rhodes highest mountain - Mount Attavyros. At the very top of the village is a majestic and historic Venetian castle. The village has a relaxed atmosphere and history going back thousands of years. Just over 4km away is the pretty port of Kamiros Skala where visitors can take a boat to the picturesque Chalki.


One of the largest and oldest villages of the island, Afandou is a very lively Greek holiday settlement 19 km from the Rhodes Town The name comes from the word "afando" ("hidden" in Greek), reminding of the old pirates times, when the village was built in such a way not to be seen from the sea.

The main highlight of Afandou is the amazing 18 hole golf course. You will be charmed by the colorful center of Afandou, as it is full of life - lots of coffee shops bars and restaurants. You can swim and sunbathe in the village's exquisite beach. It's very extended with a length of 4 kilometers, going all the way to Kolymbia beach and it's characterized by its clear blue waters and little pebbles. The beach is organized and gives you the opportunity to rent umbrellas, sun beds or even equipment for various sea sports such as surfing and sea bikes. The sights of the area include the church of Virgin Mary the Catholic with magnificent wall paintings.


Archangelos of Rhodes is located about 30 km away from Rhodes. The name derives from the patron of the village Archangel Michail. It is important tourist resort and is the largest village of Rhodes. The village keeps its traditional graphic element, the narrow streets, colorful houses and local traditions, which perfectly blend with the modern lifestyle. The village has increased tourist visitors, despite the fact that it is built away from the sea.

The village is very popular for the Church of Archangel Michail, which dominates in the center of the village with its beautiful bell tower, which dates from 1845, and for the imposing ruins of the castle. In the area it is also worth visiting the cave of Koumellou with extraordinary stalactites. In the vicinity of the Archangel you can visit the New Monastery of Panagia Tsambika. In the Archangel region you will also find beautiful beaches, such as the stunning Tsambika with the golden sands. You have many nightlife options, food and accommodation.


Embonas is a small mountain village situated in the west of the island of Rhodes, close to Kritinia and the castle of Kritinia and just north of the village of Siana. It has a little over a thousand inhabitants and sees few tourists. Around the village many grapes are grown for wine production. There are fields of olive trees and pear trees. In the Embonas there are a number of factories where wine is produced and the village is therefore regarded as the wine capital of the island of Rhodes.

In the village you can find a couple of nice tavernas and kafenions and there is a nice view of the sea and islands such as Aliminia and Chalki. In this traditional village there are pots with plants and flowers in the streets in front of the old white houses and there are a couple of squares with terraces where you can have a drink or something to eat.

Embonas has a large white church with a bell tower, and a Folklore Museum. The village lies halfway up the mountain Attavyros, which is Rhodes highest mountain measuring 1215 meters. Embonas lies at 850 meters altitude, making it the highest situated village on the island. On top of this mountain the first king of Crete built a temple which was dedicated to Zeus and there are remnants of the Minoan period.

Kamiros Skala
Kamiros Skala is a small harbor on the east side of the island of Rhodes. From here small boats depart to the island of Halki. The journey takes only 45 minutes from here. It is a fishing village where there are some rooms for rent and there are a few restaurants. The beach at the harbor itself is not much, and mainly consists of little rocks and pieces of gravel and coarse sand.

The village of Asklipieio is situated about 65 kilometers distance from the capital of Rhodes Town on the east side of the island. It is named after a temple that once stood in this place and that in all probability was dedicated to Asklipios (the god of healing art / medicine).

The village consists mainly of old traditional Greek white houses built around the church. The entrance to the church is via the adjacent Folklore Museum and a visit is really worthwhile. The museum is housed in an old building which was formerly used as an olive press. Here you can see a number of religious objects, old icons, pieces of an ancient basilica and utensils from agriculture and olive oil factories. The museum itself is not very big but it is nice to walk through it. In the the village are a number of restaurants and a few shops.


Mt. Filerimos (Philerimos, Φιλέρημος), just outside the capital Rhodes (15km), is a hill 267m. high, overlooking the small town of Ialyssos and the bay of Ixia and Trianda. From its top you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Aegean with turquoise waters near the shore and deep blue as it stretches toward coast of the Asia Minor.

Thickly planned with cypresses, pines and other trees, it is an ideal location for a long walk into the Rhodian nature. A winding road leads to the top of the hill where, in relatively wide plateau, the Monastery of Filerimos is located. This place is also an important archeological site; here once stood the Acropolis of the ancient town of Ialyssos with an important temple dedicated to Athena pollia.

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